Explore the Tuscan countryside on horseback
through the beautiful scenery and landscapes.

Castello del Calcione has always been home to many horses. We give our best care to these majestic animals and hope to pass on this loving relationship to whoever comes to stay and ride with us. We like the idea of giving our clients a safe yet exciting experience and we love when we see that a beautiful connection is established with our horses. 

We believe the best way to discover Tuscany is by having an unforgettable experience of riding through the incredibly poetic landscapes with the gentleness of our horses. We offer a wide range of riding activities, from our three-days ride through the Crete Senesi hills to shorter treks around the grounds of the estate.
Our excursions are designed primarily for guests with riding experience. While we can customize rides for individuals and groups, our featured activity is the three-day ride toward Siena: “The Palio of Castles”


Wishing for an unforgettable experience of relaxing and exciting riding while being looked after and having a wonderful Italian picnic meal served under an ancient tree and maybe a swim in a lake on the way home? We can do that for you.

We organize fully personalized day rides based on the requests, wishes and skills of

our guests riders. Imagine riding through a renaissance painting with your friends or loved ones being able to soak in the Italian sun and landscapes while learning about history and culture and ending your day with the sunset on your back and a horse taking you home. That’s Castello del Calcione!


We organize various trail rides which range between 1 to 5 hours. These rides will be available throughout the entire week and on the weekends. We will explore the beautiful nature and terrain surrounding the castle grounds, while passing through the Val di Chiana, traversing breathtaking medieval villages filled with history.


This is a three-day excursion through the Crete Senesi passing through the famous training tracks of the Jockeys of the Palio di Siena (one of the most important horse races in Italian history). White roads, filled with cider and breathtaking sites will flow beside us as we immerse ourselves in this 80km ride. Medieval castles and local delicacies will take you on a journey through these unforgettable panoramas and emotions.


This is a three day package spent at Castello del Calcione, between horses, delicatessen made at home and some relaxation in nature. With fields of sunflowers and poppies, along forests of oak and elm trees, your rides will have never been so peaceful. Imagine getting off the horse and enjoying a delicious lunch or a fresh dip in the water. 

Let yourself be captured by the enchantment of the castle and its fascinating lands.

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